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Mobile bar experiences for festivals and ticketed parties

We take your festival and ticketed party experiences to the next level with a unique and unforgettable drink service


At Excuse My French Services we recognize the vital role that efficient bar operations play in any festival.

A well-run bar is essential for a successful event, benefiting both organizers and attendees. Our experienced team employs proven systems to enhance the overall bar experience, incorporating strategies such as swift service, reduced wait times, suitable menu options and pricing, various payment methods, and an effective staffing plan.


Festival bars, licensing, pop up bars and brand activations


In a constantly evolving environment, liquor licensing and compliance are crucial for a secure and successful event. We acknowledge the significance of adhering to compliant licensing practices and state legislation. Our standard alcohol management practices surpass industry standards, ensuring the safety of all patrons within licensed premises.

Our licensing practices have fostered strong working relationships with law enforcement and other stakeholders, and we take pride in the reputation we have established within our industry concerning licensing.

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