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Partnering up with our friends at Draft Coffee Roasters, EMF brings perfectly roasted coffee to your next event. Set up one of our coffee carts at a breakfast seminar or organise a quick caffeine fix for an employee training session at the office; the flexibility of our coffee service is unmatched.

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A good barista respects the blend, and never burns. EMF’s barista hire team knows how to make a fine-tasting coffee, using their nifty skills to pour your brew to perfection. And, of course, they’ll throw in some witty banter (minus the hipster attitude).


Hire a coffee cart for your event and you’ll quickly understand the power of a conveniently served coffee! Servicing most areas across Sydney, our coffee cart hire can add a much-needed ‘pick-me-up’ to early morning functions. All carts come equipped, staffed and fully stocked.



Our packages allow clients to enjoy a trendy, cafe-style coffee experience from any location they choose. EMFS provides tailor-made coffee packages to suit any style of event, served by our skillful baristas with premium-roasted coffee sourced from our local Sydney supplier.

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